Cecil & The Man Who Loves Lions

Gareth Patterson

We had been alerted to Gareth Patterson’s incredible, dedicated work with African wildlife, a few months ago. Finally an interview was scheduled, allowing for the time difference and Gareth‘s remote location on the edge of the Knysna forest, in South Africa. We were all set to chat with the well-known environmentalist, it was just after sunrise our time, and late afternoon in Knysna. But, the connection was not made, due to one of the frequent power outages where Patterson lives. As we were desperately trying to reach Gareth, news was coming in of the death of Cecil, a free roaming lion, lured out of the safety of the Hwange National Park. Shot by an American dentist, for a trophy on his wall. It was hard to believe, here we were, about to talk with one of the world’s leading authorities on lions, as a major news story was breaking, centered around the very animals Gareth Patterson has spent most of his life living with and caring for. Our frustration would be an understatement. After numerous emails and attempts via Skype, contact was reestablished with Gareth. Again, allowing for the time-difference, a new interview time was scheduled. Then the rains came where Life Elsewhere is produced. Norman B was trapped in his home unable to leave because he was surrounded by flooded streets. Once again, our scheduled interview with Gareth Patterson had to be cancelled. The good news is, the death of Cecil the lion, has not been forgotten, even though the GOP-Trump-Circus has dominated the headlines for days. Finally, we coordinated with Gareth Patterson for an informative chat about Cecil, African Lions, the elusive Knysna elephants and the truth about big game hunting. If you are curious to know the full story about hunting lions like Cecil and the fate of African wildlife, you won’t want to miss this exclusive interview with Gareth Patterson on the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

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