Not The Best Of 2020 – Life Elsewhere Music Vol 213

It’s simple because we curate only the best at Life Elsewhere Music, our last volume for this year is Not The Best Of 2020!

And, what an amazing number of really superb releases. Was it because of being in isolation? The fact is, week after week, brilliant new releases came our way. Far too many to include in a 60-minute show. Every cut selected for Life Elsewhere Music was the best, so, we present the most played cuts in 2020 here at Life Elsewhere Towers in a non-stop carefully curated one whole hour of Not The Best Of 2020*.

  1. Folk Devils – Forever
  2. Slum Of Legs – Love’s Not Enough
  3. Sylken Somers – Tenderhead Tenderheart
  4. Amaria Hamadalher – Tamidtine
  5. Phil Parfitt – Bones Cold
  6. Otta – Near Enough A Woman
  7. Pillow Queens – Holy Show
  8. Rosehip Teahouse – I Meant What I Said
  9. Nuha Ruby Ra – Sparky
  10. October & The Eyes – All My Love
  11. King Hannah – Crème Brûlée
  12. Denise Sherwood – Uncertain Times
  13. Underhairz – To You With A Smile
  14. Porridge Radio – 7 Seconds
  15. Pela – South Of

The artwork for this volume is by Shane Compton “Inch” 2016 12” x 8” mixed media on laminated wood. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

*If your release was not selected for this volume, you can be sure it appears on past volumes for 2020. Listen here

Show Vol 213