Life Elsewhere Music Vol 261

There is a wee bit of a problem curating a new music show every week. My inbox becomes overloaded with music files. Because you take the trouble to send me your work, I take the time to listen. Which can mean I’m constantly glued to my computer for hours and hours. I’m not complaining of course. It’s just that I don’t get around to taking care of simple tasks like having a shave occasionally or washing a coffee cup instead of grabbing a clean one or trundling off to the gym for a much-needed workout. Thankfully, I do get to hear a marvelous assortment of music and that’s what LEM is all about. To begin Vol 261 a tasty cut, Morning Song from Moll & Zeis the album by David Long & Shane O’Neill. Both artists are from Dublin and were singers and songwriters in 80’s Irish bands. This terrifically competent collection of songs were recorded long-distance as David and Shane communicated by email. Full marks! Fleeting Joys are John Loring and Rorika Loring, they wrote, recorded, and mixed all the songs on, All Lost Eyes And Glitter. We selected Something In Your Melody to illustrate how well this California couple delver their work. Plaintive vocals somewhat buried in the mix have become a staple it would seem lately, yet John and Rorika manage this with expert finesse. Whenever I’m asked to provide a list of my all-time favorite recording, you can bet that Another Girl, Another Planet from The Only Ones is way up at the top of my list. It truly is the quintessential rock-pop song. It’s timeless, it’s moving, it’s so damn perfect. It also features one of the most distinctive English rock voices – ever. Even if you were not aware of Peter Perrett’s personal history, you would be a heartless soul if you weren’t moved by the man’s emotive voice. Fragile, knowing, and powerful all wrapped up together. Heartbreaking and perfect at the same time. So, it stands to reason that Peter’s son, Jamie would most likely be a chip off the old block, as they say. With Masquerade Of Love, Jamie makes good use of his heritage. His dad’s vocal stylings are right there, Jamie uses what he has. He can’t help it. Then, with a large tip-of-the-hat to a retro flavor, the shoo-be-doo’s tell us young Mr. Perrett knows his stuff. Quality pop.  The late Dave Kusworth is/was another distinctive English voice. A long out-of-print compilation, Champagne Eyes, Lemonade Pockets by Dave Kusworth was brought to my attention by the noted music archivist, Wally Salem. I chose, What Time Blows Away, a previously unreleased version. If you are a keen Kusworth fan, this album is definitely worth your while searching out. Dave Kusworth was also well-known for his partnership with Nikki Sudden, together they were The Jacobites, if perchance you are not familiar with their music, I suggest you start out with Robespierre’s Velvet Basement from 1985. In some regard, I’m not really surprised that another artist would be influenced by the music of Dave Kusworth and Nikki Sudden, yet I will admit to being a little startled by how much a fellow by the name of David Christian has studied his influencers. Listen to Lockets, Drop-outs, And Dragnets to hear what I mean. The LP, For Those We Met On The Way by David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra, suggests he is an unabashed fan of The Jacobites. A conversation is scheduled with the one-time Comet Gain frontman, soon. There is one artist who has repeatedly appeared on LEM and LE in his many guises, including Hugh, Calabashed, Benin City, and as himself. It’s British-born Nigerian now based in Sweden, the one and only, Joshua Idehen. Recently, Josh teamed up with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, AKA Daedelus, a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, producer, and music director who also carries a dizzying list of credits. We played their first collaboration, Standing In My Own Way (Part One) a few volumes back, now Josh very kindly sent us their EP, Holy Water Over Stones. You know I approve when I select two cuts. You’ll hear, Floyd, followed by Pedal Down, No Breaks. Ace! With your castanets at the ready enjoy Alfredo And Ricardo Brought Me Here from Bawrut out of Madrid. The fine folks over at Ransom Note sent me the album, In The Middle featuring several guest vocalists, it’s a story about movement and migration around the Mediterranean. It’s about movement and migration around the Mediterranean. It’s about being in the middle of music and cultures. It’s a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. There is a note with this album that says, “Disco never died, it just went underground, had a baby, and named it house”. Love it. 5% of the album profits will be donated to Open Arms, a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting those who try to reach Europe by sea, fleeing from armed conflict, persecution, or poverty. From Spain we head to San Paulo, Brasil to hear from Jennifer Souza with Pacifica Pedra Branca from her LP of the same name. Such a delightful album, listen to each cut carefully. Ryan Little is out of Washington D.C. he goes by the moniker, Soft Punch, you’ll hear, Astering from his double-sided single. Ryan does the vocals, instruments, and art. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this artist. Happy People Records out of the UK continue to put out quality music, for example here is one from the vaults, originally recorded in 2015, reworked in 2017 by producer Eeyun Purkins and released now. It’s Crime by Joe Yorke & The Co-Operators. I searched for a dub version, couldn’t find one, so I selected a brilliant drum ’n’ bass cut, Untitled Dub from Breakage. James Boyle is the man behind the controls, coincidently the EP is titled, At The Controls – Vol 2. Masterful. Jez Ryan at Mammal Sounds appears to not be to distracted by Bondi beach as he stares out of the office window because he working constantly on new releases and management projects like CLN. This is the work of Callan Alexander with Redeemed. We love this one., But apologies to Mr. Alexander. Why producer says, CLN should be pronounced Callan. Of course, I went and read the initials C L N. By the time we realized the mistake the recording had been produced and sent off to the computer machines at our affiliate stations and Podcast platforms. We continue to work in isolation, not having my producer directly across from me as I do the voice part can be a bit of an issue if I fuck up a name. I don’t immediately see her scathing face ranting at me. But I do get an earful when she gets the sound file, but by then, as in this case, there was no time to edit. Enjoy! 


  1. David Long & Shane O’Neill – Morning Song
  2. Fleeting Joys – Something In Your Melody
  3. Jamie Perrett – Masquerade Of Love
  4. Dave Kusworth – What Time Blows Away
  5. David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra – Lockets, Drop-outs, And Dragnets
  6. Daedalus and Joshua Idehen – Floyd
  7. Daedelus and Joshua Idehen – Pedal Down, No Breaks
  8. Bawrut – Alfredo And Ricardo Brought Me Here
  9. Jennifer Souza – Pacifica Pedra Branca
  10. Soft Punch – Astering
  11. Joe Yorke & The Co-Operators – Crime
  12. Breakage – Untitled Dubplate
  13. cln – Redeemed

Artwork by Patricia Burrell 1951 – 2002 “Cafe shadows and reflections” 1989 giclée print on archival paper 30” x 31” Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

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