Life Elsewhere Music Vol 273

The recurring question from listeners to LEM is, “What’s your favorite genre?” The answer is always emphatic, “We have no favorite genre!” It’s worth repeating, here at Life Elsewhere Music we listen to and enjoy every genre that comes our way. For instance, take a look at the playlist below. Read our comments and of course, listen to the music. To begin, we go over to Dublin, Ireland to hear from a marvelous four-piece who demonstrate their hard work with the excellent Modern Job. The smart, visual mash-up of a video that accompanies this single goes a long way to explaining why I love what Sprints are up to. | Over in Lyon, France a group of lads present as East. Their Joys and Clouds EP is a charming curiosity as you’ll hear on Fairyground, Burning Man !. No idea why the exclamation is separated by a space, but it does give you some indication that East has a very definite idea of what they are about. It’s for us to figure out. Good work. | About Get It And Go Slouch Online says, “This song is about moving to LA in hopes of getting in and out as soon as possible. LA is definitely not a paradise by any means, it’s a very draining city and I’m only here for music really.The song is meant to give you energy, motivation, and confidence to do the fuck it is you wanna do! enjoy :)” Excellent points and a super cool single. So well put together. Slouch Online is based in LA but the recording came via our dear friends at Mammal Sounds over in Australia. A large thumbs up! | Anytime a message comes in from the wonderful Josh Idehen, we sit up and take careful notice. Josh wrote, “I’m doing a solo project, starting March and supporting Lazy Habits around April/May. Still building the team but I’ll be sending it to you when it’s ready… I think you’ll like it”. Oh, we like it! CTRL from Lazy Habits is one large glorious recording ending with an almost pomp and circumstance climax. Truly magnificent. | This has to be the first time we have played a release out of the Mediterranean Island of Malta, along with that distinction, this is a fine effort from Julian Grech and Alexia Baldacchino who are Tryst Arcane. The delightfully goth-garbed pair make hauntingly-good music as demonstrated with Spiral Meandering | Then, we come to singular, Alabaster DePlume with Don’t Forget Your Precious from his new LP, Gold. No matter how many times I play this cut (and it’s been many), I still cannot put my finger on why it moves me so much yet disturbs me at the same time. A wonderful quandary. Mr. DePlume stokes up more questions than answers with his music, and that’s a good thing. You need to know there is a beguiling video directed by Jordan Copeland for Don’t Forget Your Precious. One for repeat play, often | Sometimes, I’m tempted to play a whole album because I like it so much and I struggle to select just one cut. Metal Bird from Eve Adams is such an album. The LA-based talent has created a work that could be described in so many ways. Suffice to say, it is damn brilliant. The arrangements, that voice, the instrumentation – it all works – so well. The Dying Light tells you a lot, but I promise you need to hear the whole album to understand why Eve Adams deserves your immediate attention. | Over in Jacksonville, Florida is Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace who are Lannds. HITEM is from their Lotus Deluxe LP which showcases Lannds skill at making seductive electro-pop. The attention to detail here should not be overlooked | It’s back to Ireland we go to hear from One Morning In August with A Wasted Love. These lads from County Carlow know how to make a radio-friendly song, which is why I insist all indie or alternative radio programmers should pick up on this one and add to heavy rotation immediately. Well done, fellas | Now here is a curio, Kindsight is a four-piece out of Copenhagen, the title of their album is, Swedish Punk. Sun Is Always In My Eyes is a terrific carefully produced medium-tempo outing. Love the lead singer’s voice. A hit! | Black Mercedes is the first single from Rachel Kerry’s latest project ‘Bad Road Trip’, she says this is a reflective and revengeful dive into the emotions surrounding a real-life bad trip haunted by a black Mercedes driver. We have been keeping tabs on Ms. Kerry’s output and conclude she is extremely clever at her craft. We love the found sounds, almost industrial at moments. Top marks for the London-based artist | Virginia Bones & Santa Pazienza can be found in Glasgow. They make music as the delightfully-named, Geography Of The Moon. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere is from The Unravelling EP. No need to go on at length, this is so good! Play at #11 | Even if I hadn’t stumbled across Pictoria Vark’s ongoing Tweets I would still be raving on about this Iowa City-based singer-songwriter-bass-player. The fact that she makes exceptional music along with piquant Tweets, it really is hard to resist her magic spell. Victoria aka Pictoria was a guest on our recent Valentines’ show where she proved why we are going to invite her back for an in-depth conversation. Wyoming is from her new LP, The Parts I Dread. And, it’s essential listening | To close, a tasty slice of dub from a ridiculously cool album with 82 cuts, Healing Dub – Various Artists Inna Healing Style courtesy of Instrument Of Jah Sound System out of Middlesborough in the UK. Enjoy Mr. Mambutu with Black White Yellow Or Brown as we head toward the closing credits.


  1. Sprints – Modern Job
  2. East – Fairyground, Burning Man !
  3. Slouch Online – Get It And Go
  4. Lazy Habits – CTRL
  5. Tryst Arcane – Spiral Meandering
  6. Alabaster DePlume – Don’t Forget Your Precious
  7. Eve Adams – The Dying Light
  8. Lannds – HITEM
  9. One Morning In August – A Wasted Love
  10. Kindsight – Sun Is Always In My Eyes
  11. Rachel Kerry – Black Mercedes
  12. Geography Of The Moon – Nowhere To Go But Everywhere
  13. Pictoria Vark – Wyoming
  14. Mr. Mambutu – Black White Yellow Or Brown