Remembering Mark Lanegan. Why The Applause For Putin?

“I’ve been preparing for Mark’s departure since the mid-90s.” Mark Pickerel

“Everything in this room is influenced by Mark Lanegan, which is a big deal.” Jeff Fielder

He was a big, tall, imposing fellow. His scowl could easily be misunderstood. You couldn’t mistake him when he walked into a room. There are many stories, some true, many exaggerated from his hometown of Ellensburg to his adopted city of Seattle to numerous stops along the way. He was and will remain a legend. Mark Lanegan died at the age of 57 on February 22, 2022. To honor the memory of a unique talent the original drummer for Screaming Trees, Mark Pickerel shares his thoughts from the early years to the present day. Guitarist and musical arranger for Mark Lanegan, Jeff Fielder offers his observations. As you listen to Mark and Jeff reminisce about Mark Lanegan, take note of how they talk of their friend in the present tense – not in the past. 

Also in the show, Political Analyst, Professor, and author of American Rule: How A Nation Conquered The World But Failed Its People, Jared Yates Sexton answers two important questions concerning the invasion of Ukraine

1. Why are factions of the GOP and commentators on the right applauding Putin and Russia?

2. Can we ascertain why Putin is invading Ukraine?

Jared’s answers are succinct and thought-provoking. He is concerned that we are now in a new era and the old ways of dealing with war are no longer viable. Jared suggests we must all realize nothing is ever going to be the same.

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