Dr. Kampmark’s Opinions

No matter where you get your news from, it’s always worthwhile discovering an alternate take on the headlines. We regularly call upon the learned Dr. Binoy Kampmark because no matter the topic he is always ready to share his well-considered opinions. In this edition of Life Elsewhere we ask the following:

1. Putin’s war. Is it still news? Or, has the rest of the world already moved on from daily coverage?

2. America’s gun fetish. Does it damage America’s standing in the rest of the world?

3. The big divide in America. Is the country broken forever? Will the only way for the left and the right to come together be under the iron fist of a dictator?

4. The economy. Are the rising prices manufactured by greedy corporations? 

5. The Depp-Heard trial. The social media rush to judgment. Lurid details as entertainment?

6. 70 years on the throne, it’s Her Royal Majesty’s platinum jubilee. When she goes, will this signal the demise of the British royal family, similar to other European monarchs?

Listen carefully to Dr. Kampmark’s opinions, as always, he may surprise you. Binoy Kampmark is a senior lecturer at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He is a regular contributor to CounterPunch.

Also in the show, we venture into the world of live jazz. Marrickville is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia, this is where you will find the legendary restaurant and bar, Lazybones. This is also the venue for some very cool jazz. We bring you a cut from a new live recording,  Lazybones by Bentley, it features Mike Bentley on Drums, Edits, Mixing, Mastering, Matthew Thomson on Lead Keys, and Daniel Pliner on Synths. This is a fully improvised recording, certainly one of the very best we have heard in a long time. The cut you’ll hear is Been A While, and we recommend you search out more from Mike Bentley.

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