Life Elsewhere Music Vol 285

The first four cuts in this volume were prompted by an email from Jerry 555 who said, “I love the Electronica you play on LEM, but I get confused with the different subgenres – UK Garage, Grime, Dubstep, etc. Are these just labels, is there a real difference?” A good question, yes, there are certainly differences in the subgenres, but unless you are actively involved in the music, your best option is to just enjoy each and every track, no matter what the label may be. Here are four new cuts that fall under the umbrella of electronica, yet each is in a distinctive sub-genre. We begin with a glorious cut, Miss Moneypenny by Hypho from a truly splendid compilation, Duploc Black Tapes 2.0 on the solid Duploc imprint out of Belgium. | Next up, this one is on the Hakuna Kulala label out of Kampala. Ugandan producer, Brian Bamanya, aka Afrorack gives us African Grime? Modular Synth? The eccentric and exotic Osc is from the LP, The Afroack with a cool sleeve featuring an array of effects modules. So good! | Producer 9Trane is out of London and demonstrates his skill with a hybrid of Grime, Dubstep, and UK Garage on Keep It Moving, (Bakey Dub Mix) from the Keep It Moving EP on Free Range Sounds. Top-notch! | Over in Rochester, New York producer and composer Jordan Lieb uses the moniker, Black Light Smoke. The Léah Lazonick Street Mix of Work could have been recorded a few decades ago, yet Leib manages to give it a very 2022 sound. Black Light Smoke is on Death Decay Magic who say they make synthesizer music for degenerates. | Staying with Electronic we head to Shanghai, China to hear Faye Wong with Love Letter To Myself (The Fingergap Footwork Edit), this one can be found on the compilation, Gully Edit Pack Vol 1. | Heading west from China we change the tone to hear from Austin, Texas band, Why Bonnie who tell us their idea of Galveston. If you like this cut, then you are going to enjoy their LP, 90 In November. | Dreamback is the stage name for Staffordshire-based producer and musician Jamie Duddy. Now here is a fellow who knows how to write a toe-tapper of a Pop song as you’ll hear on Sometimes from the Asleep EP. Full marks! | Over in South Korea, Oh Hee-Jung is making interesting music as you’ll hear on OK, See You. Welcome is the 11th album from this artist. Look for the fascinating looped animation that accompanies this cut. | If you happen to be in Toronto and feel like rocking out, you are advised to check if Fake Palms are playing. Michael le Riche is Fake Palms and hopefully, he will get out on the road and do his rocking’ thing in your town. His new LP, Lemons is wildly enjoyable, Satellite being absolute proof. And, Michael is on Hand Drawn Dracula so this one comes with a pedigree. | I believe it was four years ago when we first heard from a very young, Ruby McKinnon who presents as Flower Face. The talented singer-songwriter from Ontario has a new LP, The Shark In Your Water. Listen carefully again to Back To You and see if you agree, the ghost of the late and very great Leonard Cohen was gently summoned. And that is a good thing. Quite wonderful. | I’m not sure when I first heard Kathryn Joseph who hails from Glasgow but what I do know is her new LP, For You Who Are The Wronged is simply gorgeous. The Burning Of Us All presented a problem, what in the world do I follow it with? | The masterful Barzin has a new LP, Voyeurs In The Dark. Four years in the making, like all of the Canadian artist’s work, this is so beautifully arranged and produced. There is an honesty, perhaps a vulnerability in Barzin’s music. Yes, it is emotive and yes, it is overflowing with a passion that very few artists are ever capable of sharing. An absolute beauty. Indulge in To Be Missed In The End – shedding a tear is expected. | Sacred Blue are Joel Bingham, Vincent Smith, and Annie Kuzovina, the Brisbane-based trio has produced a damn fine set of songs on their Autumn EP. Sometimes starts slowly and quietly, then Annie’s haunting voice alerts you to listen – carefully. Vincent’s smart drumming, alongside Joel’s solid bass, set the way for Annie’s guitar. I want more! | Thank you for listening!


  1. Hypho – Miss Moneypenny
  2. Afrorack – Osc
  3. 9Trane – Keep It Moving (Bakey Dub Mix)
  4. Black Light Smoke – Work (Léah Lazonick Street Mix)
  5. Faye Wong – Love Letter To Myself (Fingergap Footwork Edit)
  6. Why Bonnie – Galveston
  7. Dreamback – Sometimes
  8. Oh Hee-jung – See You
  9. Fake Palms – Satellite
  10. Flower Face – Back To You
  11. Kathryn Joseph – The Burning Of Us All
  12. Barzin – To Be Missed In The End
  13. Sacred Blue – Falling (radio edit)

Artwork by Sally Penfold “Toilet #3” from the Toilet Series 2014 shot on Ilford HP5 400 14” x 17” 

Courtesy of Norman B’s collection