Barzin On Voyeurs In The Dark


“I’ll burn your house, I’ll burn it down with my desire” Lyrics from In The Morning, a song on Barzin’s 2013 album, To Live Alone In That Long Summer. All these years later, Barzin stays with his themes, writing shockingly vivid, yet poignant songs, with Beauty, Dreams, Pretty Girls, and of course, Love reoccurring in Voyeurs In The Dark, the Canadian-based artist’s latest release. After four years in the making, the singer-songwriter and poet does not disappoint with the superbly-crafted album. Although he proclaims he was not trained as a musician, he certainly knows how he wants his songs to sound. The arrangements and production are beautiful, a pleasure to immerse yourself in on each repeated listen as Barzin edges towards careful experimentation. In our conversation on Voyeurs In The Dark Barzin shares his process for writing, composing, and recording, he also talks about playing live and offers to jet down from Toronto to give an impromptu performance at my home. Enjoy his music and words.

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