Life Elsewhere Music Vol 297

Here is the dilemma – selecting which new releases to fit into a 60-minute show. It’s never easy, especially when some LPs and EPs demand the inclusion of at least two cuts. This is why you are always prompted to check out more from each band or artist we feature. To begin, Darling gives us, Midnight, “A song about being lost in a relationship and working through the confusion that comes with the pain and loss of slowly losing someone” say, Caitlin Finn and Joel Glazebrook. Darling is on 4000 Records an independent artist-led record label with a strong focus on collaborating with Brisbane creatives. Go to their label for a lovely selection of music. Oh, nice artwork on this one. | Nico at Shoredive Records never fails to deliver quality releases, Cosmos In Collision with Constellations, is yet another. Riccardo Spaggiari from Italy is Cosmos In Collision creating delightful music with layers of ethereal guitars, warm synths, shimmering soundscapes, and downtempo rhythmic textures. An instrumental that works perfectly without words. | Last Night In Exile is from a curiously beautiful LP, Wayward Faith by Rapt. This is the work of London-based, Jacob Ware who has a lot to say about his album, “Much of this was written during a period I spent having returned to my childhood home, amongst cobwebs, creatures, artefacts and memories I didn’t recognise. I was in a life-hiatus, trying to move closer to a loved one during a pandemic and battling a physical illness that hampered my guitar playing and energy.I found myself exploring faith during these periods, despite the most open mind I found any God to be too intrusive. There was no system that could explain the things humans experience in their lives and the things I saw and heard around me. The most important thing is to love and to be loved. To hold sight of this during the most stormy weather and the longest nights”. Important words. (I kept the British spelling for authenticity). | Brooklyn-based artist Ronan Conroy is next with Double Helix, featuring the vocal talent of Julie Dicterow. His forthcoming album, The Slow Death Of The Love Myth was produced, engineered, and mastered by Charlie Nieland, a fine artist in his own right and past guest on the show. Conroy originally from Dublin says he was exposed to a wide array of musical influences. But, his world changed at 15 when his mother loaned him her nylon string guitar and taught him a few chords, instantaneously unlocking a whole new world of songwriting. | I can remember the very first time I played KMFDM for a packed dance floor. I admit I was anxious as to how they would react. At the time bopping up and down to The B52s or doing trance-like disco moves to Soft Cell’s Wasted Love were the crowd’s favorites. The thundering, unrelenting bass and drums of what would become Hamburg-based industrial rock pioneers had the crowd asking for more. And so after 22 studio albums, KMFDM are back with Hyëna. The title cut is true to form, although perhaps it’s not quite so threatening these days. | Staying on the dance floor is a marvelous cut from a wicked 5-track EP, Into Tha Shadow courtesy of White Material out of NYC. Galcher Lustwerk gives us Americano and you can only imagine how fantastic this would be in a long extended mix complete with a dub. | We stay on the dance floor with a tasty slice of Lover’s Rock from Leanna who tells us all about the Grapevine. This one comes as the B side to a Macka B 7” on the Pickings label out of London. Check out their catalog. | Now we gently drape ourselves across plush cushions in the Chill Lounge as Dania enchants us with I Lied, from her first solo LP, Voz. Born in Baghdad, Dania Shihab was raised in Tasmania and now is based in Barcelona. She is the founder of experimental outpost Paralaxe Editions and divides her time between Spain and the remote corners of Australia, where she works as an emergency doctor. This is definitely one to explore as is her site for Paralaxe Editions. | Do you like Morrisey? Have you ever thought of using Morrisey and his lyrics for your song? Well, four lads from Stockholm have done just that. The Vapor Veils give us I Am Human And I Want To Be Loved, the second single from their upcoming LP, The Last Hurrah out in October. They take the unforgettable line “I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does” from The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now. They even name-check Morrisey in the song. I love their unbridled energy. | And now that ongoing issue of needing to include two cuts from one LP. It’s Fazerdaze with Break! and Come Apart. This is the work of Amelia Murray out of Christchurch, NZ. No excuses, I love what Amelia is doing. There is something refreshingly honest about her work. Yes, I know you can identify the references, but honestly, we all need references. I’m very impressed with Fazerdaze aka Amelia Murray. | to take us to the close a super cut from The Chikara Project, out of Bristol, it’s Mystic State with Falling Down (w/ Jack Flynn-Oakley). What I like so much about this one is it defies slotting into a genre…is it drum and bass? Dubstep? Ambient? Do make sure you let me know what you think of the show, write to NormanB at LE dot Co


  1. Darling – Midnight
  2. Cosmos In Collision – Constellations
  3. Rapt – Last Night In Exile
  4. Ronan Conroy – Double Helix
  5. KMFDM – Hyëna
  6. Galcher Lustwerk – Americano
  7. Leanna – Grapevine
  8. Dania – I Lied
  9. The Vapor Veils – I Am Human And I Want To Be Loved
  10. Fazerdaze – Break!
  11. Fazerdaze – Come Apart
  12. Mystic State – Falling Down (w/ Jack Flynn-Oakley)

Artwork by Maya Harley “Three hooks, two towels” 3’ x 3’.8″ giclée print on archival paper. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

Show 297