Keeley Moss On Floating Above Everything Else

Keeley, fronted by singer, guitarist, songwriter and enigmatic Dubliner Keeley Moss, took time out from a hectic schedule to chat their debut album Floating Above Everything Else. The album showcases the breadth of Keeley’s songwriting, bristling with lush harmonies, muscular beats and inventive atmospherics, weaving gleefully between indie-rock sub-genres. As with all her songs, this set highlights Keeley’s ongoing fascination with the murder and short life of teenage German backpacker Inga Maria Hauser, who was brutally murdered in Northern Ireland in 1988 and whose case remains unsolved despite many promising leads pointing to the culprits. Keeley recently appeared in Murder In The Badlands, a moving BBC documentary that further explores Inga Maria’s tragic demise, and a brand new film centered around Keeley’s involvement with the case is in development. Norman B’s conversation with Keeley reaches into unexpected areas where you will learn why seven-year-old Keeley Moss asked, “Can I bring my Walkman?” And, how the iconic cassette machine became Keeley’s doorway into another world. You’ll hear moving, reminiscences from one of Ireland’s most creative and visionary songwriters, plus four cuts from, Floating Above Everything Else. 

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