Life After Punk

On the next edition of Life Elsewhere we talk with two men who grew up in the age of Punk. Patrick O’Neil, self-proclaimed ex-punk, ex-roadie, ex-junkie, ex-bank robber and the author of the memoir “Hold Up”. O’Neil talks about his Punk life and reads from his second book, chronicling his former career as roadie/road manager for several major Punk bands during the 80’s including, Dead Kennedys, Flipper, TSOL and SubhumansAdam Morris‘s illustrious career began as road manager for (the original) Killing Joke, moving on to manage The Orb, then record label owner, college lecturer and musicologist. Adam shares anecdotes entailing Motorhead, “the archetype rock ‘n’ roll band” to ripoffs, “always keep the copyright”. Plus, quickly send your Punk suggestion for this week’s Hit That Never Was,  to:

Life Elsewhere airs Monday, 9.00am EDT (1400 GDT)

WMNF 88.5fm 

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