James Selected The Guardians

If James can do it, so can you. In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, Norman B‘s eleven-year-old son James, sang his introduction to this week’s The Hit That Never Was. He selected From The Other Side by Seattle band The Guardians, a song James insists should have been a Hit. That’s what The Hit That Never Was is all about and we’d like to hear what you think qualifies. You’re invited to tell us on air, the reason(s) why you believe your selection deserves to be The Hit That Never Was. It’s easy to do, send the name of the song and artist plus a few words explaining your choice to: normanb@lifeelsewhere.co. If we select your Hit That Never Was to play, we’ll call you and put you on the air so you can tell the world  in your own words, why it should have been a Hit. Life Elsewhere airs live Mondays at 9.00am Eastern Standard Time, if you’re not in that time zone, no worries, we’ll pre-record you. To get an idea what others have chosen for The Hit That Never Was, go here. We’re not expecting you to sing your request like James did, but we are looking for an entertaining reason why we should air your Hit That Never Was. This is your opportunity to let everyone hear the song you passionately believe should be The Hit That Never Was.

email your Hit That Never Was to: normanb@lifeelsewhere.co

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