Barzin. The Life Elsewhere Interview

Barzin 2Next on Life Elsewhere an exclusive interview with Canadian singer-songwriter-poet, Barzin and selections from his just released new album,  To Live Alone in That Long Summer. The music critics from Rolling Stone to The New York Times are already waxing lyrical about this beautiful collection of poetry set to music. Norman B will talk with Barzin about the making of the new album and his limited edition book of poetry, Something I Have Not Done Is Following Me. Also joining the conversation, Erin Robinsong, noted Canadian poet, who hand-printed Barzin’s book of poems. Plus British film-maker and photographer Jason Yeomans, who shot the video for Barzin’s single All The While, will explain how he went about visually interpreting Barzin’s words.

Make sure you go to BACK. to learn about a British graphic designer with a French name, a blog about unique books and visual curiosities, a Japanese photographer who creates with the legendary Balthus as an inspiration, three book recommendations, a song that deserved to be a hit and a lot more links and places to discover.

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    Awesome interview with Canadian artist Barzin brought to you by none other than the Life Elsewhere Radio program hosted by the talented Norman B. based out of Tampa, Florida but reaching audiences from around the globe! Check it!

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