Exclusive Interview.

Barzin Promo 1

Canadian singer-songwriter-poet Barzin first came to our attention with the plaintive Just More Drugs from his 2006 album My Life in Rooms. Then in 2009, he released Notes To An Absent Lover with the beautiful melancholy Soft Summer Girls. By then Barzin had us hooked.  Was Barzin writing self-revealing lyrics? Did he intend to make his studied yet economic instrumental arrangements add an almost fragile aura that makes listening to his music both compelling and heartbreaking? To find out we invited Barzin onto the Life Elsewhere radio show for one of our early interviews in 2013.

Now after three years in the making, Barzin is releasing his latest album, To Live Alone In That Long Summer. To say this collection of songs is exquisitely beautiful would not do justice to a truly magnificent work. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we invite Barzin back onto the program to talk about his latest album and his limited edition book of poetry, Something I Have Not Done Is Following MeBarzin was ably assisted in producing his hand-assembled book by noted Canadian poet and book-maker Erin Robinsong. We invited Erin to join the conversation, talk about poetry and read one of Barzin‘s poems.

Barzin video clipAll The While, the first track on Barzin‘s new album has been interpreted by British film-maker and photographer Jason Yeomans. This superbly crafted movie, beautifully showcases the collaboration between two creative talents. The movie features Sarine Sofair a British film and theatre actor to watch out for. Sarine can be seen in season 4 of the HBO series Game Of Thrones, in which she plays Lhara. London-based Yeomans will talk to Norman B about movie-making, music videos and how he went about realizing Barzin‘s work.

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