Real Talk For Real Teachers & The Invisible Gorilla

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.05.23 PMThe latest edition of Life Elsewhere was prompted by two occurrences that happen to be interconnected. First, as parents and teachers prepare for the rigors and rituals of children returning to school after the summer recess, Norman B talks with Rafe Esquith, who documents his 30-plus years of teaching experience in Real Talk for Real Teachers”. Then, with education in mind, Christopher Chabris, co-author of The Invisible Gorilla joins the program to explain why our brains often do not see the obvious. Such as the deliberate and the not-deliberate spelling mistakes we here at Life Elsewhere made in two recent email blasts.

Rafe Esquith’s offers interesting and some might suggest controversialScreen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.06.15 PM teaching ideas for not only educators but also parents. Mr. Esquith, also authored the New York Times bestseller, Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56. Norman B cites examples of not realizing mistakes, including his own spelling faux pas. Christopher Chabris helps us understand the complexities of how we evaluate and learn, which is the focus of his book.

Also in the program, The Hit That Never Was, featuring a rambunctious and rare reggae cut.

Download the Life Elsewhere Podcast here

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