The Annual Life Elsewhere Oscar Special!

OscarWill American Sniper beat Selma? Could Birdman take top honors? Is Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel too quirky for the Academy? Does Richard Linklater’s critically acclaimed Boyhood qualify to win? Is it time for Michael Keaton to claim an Oscar for Birdman? Was Julianne Moore’s performance more deserving than Rosamund Pike? Can Patricia Arquette collect an award? Has J.K. Simmons proved himself at last? These question and more will be asked and answered in the Annual Life Elsewhere Oscar Special, Sunday 22nd at 12.00 noon ET. Before a live studio audience, our very special guests, actress, writer, raconteur and media aficionado, Lisa Jane Persky, and renowned film and media critic, Bob Ross will give their expert predictions. Join us, and listen to hear if you agree with Lisa Jane and Bob’s predictions, and the reactions of our live audience.

Because you are here at Life Elsewhere, we know you are interested in Art Media & Culture, which is why we bring you BACK. It’s the page where you’ll find an amazing collection of links, curated by Norman B. Take a look, there’s videos you won’t find anywhere else, music that’s yet to be discovered by other sites, the occasional story and curios you’ll want to share. And, make sure you keep on scrolling down, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy at BACK.

The Life Elsewhere Oscar Special before a live studio audence, airs Sunday, February 22 at 12 noon ET at The Source WMNF HD3 and repeated Monday, February 23 at 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio

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