Can You Stand Perfectly Still And Hold This Moment Open?

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Lights On Tampa is a program developed by the City of Tampa’s Art Programs Division, in conjunction with regional businesses, volunteers, and art supporters. An ambitious project that reaffirms Tampa’s commitment to arts and technology by presenting highly visible, innovative light installations created by juried artists. Multiple artworks are installed in and around Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, downtown Tampa. UpLit, a vintage rooftop-style installation features the phrase, “Can you stand perfectly still and hold this moment open?” by poet Silvia Curbelo. In October 2014, the public was asked to submit an original phrase to be considered by the jury. Norman B was invited to be one of the three jurors who selected the UpLit installation. Curbelo says of her UpLit work, “I had been thinking about the concept of happiness – how hard we chase it; how tirelessly we work for it; how it’s always ahead; or, something to look forward to down the road. But, that road is long. It’s hard to be content and at peace when we’re always in motion. By the time we come to understand and appreciate a place or an experience, it’s already behind us.” 

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photo c/o Jason Behnken/Tampa Tribune

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