He Couldn’t Pray The Gay Away!

“I knew I couldn’t get God to like me, the real Brandon. So, I set out on a mission to create a fake-Brandon. This fake-Brandon would be the Brandon I presented to the world. I hoped that not only could I make the world like him, I could make God like him, too. Enough so that when I died, he would let me in to Heaven for all the good things that fake-Brandon did”.

The poignant words of Brandon Wallace, raised in the delta of Arkansas, who spent his entire life trying to hide behind a mask. Growing up, he knew only two things about himself: he was called to ministry and he was attracted to the same sex. Afraid that coming out would destroy his reputation, livelihood, and ministry, he hid his sexual identity in hopes of finding love and acceptance. Straight-Face is his memoir of that long and profound journey from hiding behind a mask to living an authentic life; from running from himself to accepting his orientation and ultimately his faith.

On the next edition of Life Elsewhere, while the Supreme Court debates one of the great civil rights issues of the age, same-sex marriage”Brandon Wallace explains to Norman B how he discovered, “There is one thing ex-gay ministries don’t tell you in their brochures: it’s not possible to pray the gay away”. Make sure you do not miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere and hear Brandon Wallace speak emotively about his life and struggles.

Listen to a preview

Life Elsewhere, airs Sunday, May 3, 12 noon ET, at The Source WMNF HD3  and Monday, May 4, 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio

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