Conversations with Brian Cullman & Dave Hill

The PR package for Brian Cullman’s new album, The Opposite Of Time caught Norman B’s attention not only for the music, but also the extraordinary bio accompanying it. Brian’s story reads like a rock ’n’ roll fairy tale. He is was still a teenager when he bumped into Edie Sedgwick clad only in a bra and panties, cutting out pictures from Vogue, while Jim Morrison lay passed out on a couch, as Nico hid in the bedroom. Next, he’s in London writing for Crawdaddy! magazine, where he opens for Nick Drake and hangs with John and Beverly Martyn, Sandy Denny, Richard and Linda Thompson. On his return to the States, Cullman almost accidentally forms OK Savant, who become a fixture at CBGB’s. Brian’s story is long and expansive, in the next edition of Life Elsewhere, you’ll hear selections from Norman B’s recent, in-depth, conversation with Brian,  plus tracks from his latest album.

Dave Hill is a comedian, writer, musician, actor, radio host, and according to his bio, a man-about-town. Qualifications that meet the high standards we maintain at Life Elsewhere for guest invitations. It also helps that Dave has a new book, we recommend, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, Dave says he’ll fight anyone who disagrees with his claim that Led Zeppelin are rock gods. He talks of the trials and tribulations for a comedian and he tells a true-life story about writing ringtone copy for the GOP Presidential frontrunner. Dave describes his encounter with the presumptive candidate, concluding that a venerable Anglo-Saxon word best describes him.*

*The Anglo-Saxon word Dave Hill refers to was also a major part of the recent interview with Lisa Hilton. Hear the interview by going to the Life Elsewhere Archives and clicking on show: 2016-05-01

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