Life Elsewhere Music Vol 223

To begin, we visit the beautiful Emerald Isle to hear from John F. Phelan and Stephen Byrne who use the moniker, One Morning In August. Their excellent new single, Get It Right on Cork-based indie label, FIFA Records is a stellar production that should prompt you to check out their self-titled album which was released…wait for it…last August. We stay in Ireland to hear from A Cow In The Water with O Preacher from their long-player, Dark Country Jamboree. This band from County Cork was an integral part of the Cork live music scene in the late Eighties and early Nineties and were regulars at venues around the country. Then, the band’s frontman, Aidan O’Connell sadly passed away in 1996 effectively calling an end to almost 10 years of live performances. The remaining band members went on to separate projects but occasionally gathered for impromptu performances. In late 2017 A Cow In The Water reformed with John Lynch who previously was the drummer with, Emperor of Ice Cream, and began work on their new LP. A tip: do check out the whole LP. Francis Lung is next with Bad Hair Day. A well-produced cut, showcasing Mr. Lung’s competent ability to write and perform a genuinely good pop song. In my voice-over commentary, it may come across like I’m being a little sarcastic, apologies for that, instead, I was intending to give kudos to Francis. Kylie Van Slyke from Vancouver BC says on their Twitter page, “Hey, I’m Kylie V, I’m 17 and non-binary, and I make music that will probably mostly make you sad”. I mention this because I think it is important that we all should be respectful of everyone’s sexual identity. Performing as Kylie V the title cut from their album, Big Blue is yes, sad, at the same time Kylie proves such confident songwriting and singing and production. You should also know that the Canadian government believes in supporting the arts. They helped Kylie V on this one. An essential LP. There is so much to talk about with Leg Puppy and their latest album, A Guide To Social Remixing. Not least of all, their questionable penchant for dressing up as clowns. I admit clowns scare me. I suspect that will warm Leg Puppy’s little hearts. The South London band conjure up decidedly good music, Bring The War (Wake Me When It’s Gone) being a fine example, although there are at least four other cuts I could have selected. Leg Puppy like to make videos with a deliberate DIY look. They have a lot to view, all worth your time. As I was finalizing this playlist news came in that the last surviving member of the original Wailers had passed. One Neville O’Riley Livingston also known as Bunny Livingston or Bunny Wailer…dead at the age of 73 just a couple of months short of his 74th birthday. Long considered a living legend, the Rastafarian singer-songwriter a winner of a number of Grammy awards was named recently by Newsweek as one of the three most important musicians in world music!  As a tribute, I’m going to take you back in time to circa 1972 when Bunny Wailer was known for his smooth Rock Steady stylings. Recorded at Tuff Gong and released as a 7” on the Solomonic label, Search For Love. Rest In Peace, Bunny Wailer. Staying on a reggae tip, we turn to producer, Richie Phoe with his brilliant reworking of Jacob Miller’s reggae classic, Baby I Love You So. Richie is joined by Kassia Zermon & Leroy Horns on vocals & sax.This one is available as a limited edition 7” and as a digital release on Balanced records. Listen carefully as I segue into Baby I Dub You So. Sometimes you just have to see the video created for a song, don’t miss, End Of The Road by Israeli singer, Noga Erez strutting her stuff with an aloofness most high fashion models would crave to master. The Tel Aviv-based artist has a terrific look which only enhances her rapid-fire rapping. Very cool. Here is a name I want you to take note of, Bleach Lab. Now, I know some of you trainspotter types will be stomping over each other to shout out, “Sounds like!” Yet, give Bleach Lab a chance, please, Never Be is from a two-track single by the four-piece originally from Buckinghamshire, now based in South London. They formed in 2018 and I’m seriously looking forward to hearing more from this excellent quartet. Play it again and again. Lucy Kruger says her new album, Transit Tapes, is for women who move furniture around. Now, I’m not sure if that is a threat, but what I do know is Evening Train from Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys has me intrigued. From what I can gather, Lucy Kruger is originally from South Africa but now resides in Berlin and I’m going to keep a watchful eye out for more of her and the band. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, compilations are a terrific way to learn about a certain style of music or label or even a place. Here then out of Paris, a tasty comp on Hologram Records titled, Darkives. Marina P offers us a first-class production with Watching Over. You are advised to don your headset for this one and turn the volume up to 11. Wicked production. The final cut in LEM Vol 223 is Eggshells from the EP Belonging by Joely who says, “I’m 20. I write soulful, relaxed pop”. This talented singer-songwriter from Oxford has created a radio-friendly single. Splendid arraignment and production. Thank you for listening. 

LEM Vol 223 Playlist

  1. One Morning In August – Get It Right
  2. A Cow In The Water – O Preacher
  3. Francis Lung – Bad Hair Day
  4. Kylie V – Big Blue
  5. Leg Puppy – Bring The War (Wake Me When It’s Gone)
  6. Bunny Wailer – Search For Love
  7. Richie Phoe – Baby I Love You So
  8. Richie Phoe – Baby I Dub You So
  9. Noga Erez – End Of The Road
  10. Bleach Lab – Never Be
  11. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Evening Train
  12. Marina P – Watching Over
  13. Joely – Eggshells

The artwork for this volume is by Skip Mathewson “Mum, I’m bleeding” 2000 4’ x 4’ Giclée print on archival paper. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection