2021: Questions Were Asked. Movies You May Have Seen. Books You Should Have Read. Music You Need.

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This is the first edition of Life Elsewhere of 2022. We begin by revisiting part of a conversation with author and political commentator, Jared Yates Sexton, recorded a few days after the historical event of January 6. We were all in shock. Questions were asked. Answers are needed. Please listen carefully. 

Acclaimed film and media critic, Bob Ross offers his take on the movies of 2021. The venerable appraiser agrees that with or without Covid, the multitude of streaming channels are equally as important a source for new films as are traditional cinemas. Ross doesn’t hesitate to give praise where he thinks due, while he almost spits with disgust at an unfortunate flick he scorns. Bob’s expectations for movies in 2022 are more Marvel-type crash-bang-pow, multi-million dollar epics, and the more interesting indie releases appearing toward the year-end. 

The always engaging author, Mark Haskell Smith  shares his list of books you may have missed in 2021 

Mark then suggests a list of books we should consider in 2022

Smith’s jocular and informative observations are always much appreciated at Life Elsewhere

To close the show a big tip of the hat to King Hannah, a band from Liverpool who made an extraordinary impact over on Life Elsewhere Music. Hannah and Craig are making unforgettable new music that defies genres. All Being Fine from their debut LP, I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me is due for release soon. Thank you for listening. Happy New Year!

For those of you with keen ears, you will note that Mark Haskell Smith thinks I said Logan when in fact I said, Roman when talking about Succession. 

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