Chris Connelly On His Eulogy To Nico

It’s a very special occasion when I have the opportunity to spend time in conversation with Chris Connelly. With every new project, he eagerly shares his passion and inspiration for his exceptional music. He was just fifteen when saw her perform live in Edinburgh, he connived his way backstage to say hello and unbelievably, the goddess reached out and touched his face. From that wondrous moment, Chris Connelly has been a devoted fan of Nico. It was after a suggestion by his friend Cosey Fanni Tutti that Chris listen to Nico’s later work, Janitor Of Lunacy that he began to conceive of paying tribute to his idol. He originally planned a 10-song tribute featuring Chris’s versions of Nico songs, at the end of the recording, Connelly decided to write a parallel album of his own compositions spanning the life of one of the most unique, tragic, and misunderstood female artists in the history of music. The result is the 24-track Eulogy To Christa: A Tribute To The Music & Mystique Of Nico. The double album sees Chris purposefully adopting the personas of Nico, Lou Reed, and John Cale – even Andy Warhol makes a cameo! Chris Connelly was also inspired by the brilliant book, You Are Beautiful And You Are Alone by author Jennifer Otter Bickerdicke, who contributed to the liner notes for the album. She writes, “This is a record to be played at full blast, all the way through, as a commemoration not just to Nico the person, the musician, but to art for art’s sake, for making something because it is important and needs to be done – an idea that is as rare and precious as Nico herself.” Make sure you pay careful attention to Chris’s details about the song and making the album – and enjoy the music. Thank you, Chris, for a beautiful conversation.

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