Lisa Jane, Bob & Oscar

Earlier today, before a live studio audience, actress, writer, raconteur and media aficionado, Lisa Jane Persky, and renowned film and media critic, Bob Ross predicted the outcome at tonight’s Academy Awards for the Annual Life Elsewhere Oscar Special, If you happened to have missed the live broadcast when our guests,  “cheered, chatted and nitpicked”, as Lisa Jane tweeted, no worries, Life Elsewhere Oscar Special will be broadcast again, tomorrow at 5.00pm PT (8.00pm ET) at NWCZ Radio.

The Hit That Never Was for this special edition of Life Elsewhere was selected by a listener named, Nicholas, who asked to hear The Clash with their song, The Right Profile about the revered, but tragic actor Montgomery Clift, from their 1979 album, London Calling.Two books about Clift were mentioned and highly recommended by Norman B as must-reads, for anyone interested in learning about one of Hollywood’s heart-rending legends. Montgomery Clift by Patricia Bosworth, a detailed, fact-filled book, is considered the definitive work on the gifted, haunted actor. While, Montgomery Clift: Beautiful Loser by British writer, Barney Hoskins covers the same harrowing story, but also includes rare archival photographs.


Listen again to the The Life Elsewhere Oscar Special to hear if Lisa Jane Persky and Bob Ross were close in their predictions. The show airs Monday, February 23 at 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio


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