The Anatomy Of A Brand & Direction

Since his announcement that he really was running for President, we have searched for a new angle on how to decipher the conundrum that is Donald Trump. It was fortuitous when branding expert Merry Carole Powers approached us with a request to talk about her new book, Branding Sutra on Life Elsewhere. As our host, Norman B, read through Merry Carole Powers synopsis and impressive credentials, he stopped for a moment and exclaimed, “I have an idea!” Never one to miss an opportunity to apply his ingenuity, he said, “Let’s ask Merry Carole Powers to do a brand analysis of Mr. Trump?”  Merry Carole jumped at the opportunity. A couple of days later, she outlined her evaluation saying, “I have been so horrified by this man from my personal point of view of as a woman and a human being, it hadn’t dawned on me to assess him from a professional place. And when I did, I was surprised at what I found.” Next, exclusively for Life Elsewhere, branding authority, Merry Carole Powers will present Donald Trump:  Anatomy Of A Brand. This is an important and must-listen-to edition, we promise, you’ll not be able to look at or hear Mr. Trump in the same way again.

Hugh, an exceptional new four-piece from the UK, caught the attention of Norman B, with their single, Direction “This is simply gorgeous music!” He raved, adding, “Listen to the song structure, the harmonies, then after you catch your breath, listen to the words!” In the second half of the show, we are thrilled to bring you another exclusive Life Elsewhere interview, with Josh and Izzy of Hugh. Set your alarm clock, we do not want you to miss one second of the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

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