Понимание того, как россияне понимают Америку*


“Russia Hacks DNC”, The New Red Scare”, “Trump’s Pal Vlad”. Russia keeps showing up in the headlines as we hurtle toward the most bizarre Presidential election ever. Mr. Trump, the GOP Presidential nominee, constantly refers to Russia and Mr. Putin with approval in his atypical stump speeches. And, email hacks of the DNC and former United States Secretary of State, Colin Powell may have been conducted by a group with ties to the Russian government. So, what do Russian people make of all this headline attention? What do Russians think of Mr. Trump and his flattery of their country and leader? Do Russians believe their government is behind the email hacks? With their own State Duma election happening on September 18, how do Russians view the American election process? To help us understand how Russians understand what’s happening now in America, we invited Sergey Armeyskov back to Life Elsewhere. Mr. Armeyskov is the author of Russian Universe, a blog with the sub-title, Understanding Russia With A Russian. Sergey is fluent in English and he grasps the nuances and humor of life in America, including politics, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. His opinions may surprise you. But Sergey cautions, although his views are personal, they’re not too far from how most Russian people feel. Make sure you don’t miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere to understand how Russians understand America.

*Understanding how Russians understand America

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The illustration above used by permission of Sergey Armeyskov and Russian Universe

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