A Female Demagogue?

Dr. Jennifer Mercieca

In the last edition of Life Elsewhere we talked about the then-upcoming first Presidential debate with our guests, comedian, and writer, Dave Hill and Dr. Jennifer Mercieca, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A & M University. A week has passed and the debate has come and gone, but the fallout from it may continue well past the election on November 8. With record-breaking viewers, the match-up between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump was seen by many as more of a World Wrestling spectacle than a political debate. Mr. Trump, the controversial GOP candidate validated Dr. Mercieca’s premise that, “A rich billionaire, a fractured media, a polarized electorate, and a weak party system result in conditions ripe for demagoguery.” Since the debate, Mr. Trump has doubled-down on his well-documented sexist behavior, media chatter has continued at a feverish rate and a number of major newspapers have broken tradition by not endorsing a Republican. We too at Life Elsewhere have spent the last few days slicing and dicing the respective debate performances and the festering aftermath. Then, Norman B came up with this question, “Could we consider a woman a demagogue?” To find out, we invited back to Life ElsewhereDr. Jennifer Mercieca, Make sure you don’t miss our next edition, you may be surprised to learn what Dr. Jennifer, has to say about the possibility of a Female Demagogue…and the debate.

bryan-kozlowski_what-the-dickensPlus, it was pure coincidence that an interview was planned this week with Charles Dickens devotee, Bryan Kozlowski, whose new book, What The Dickens?! Distinctly Dickensian Words And How To Use Them features, right there on page 171, the word, “Trumpery!” Not missing a beat, Norman B begins his interview with Bryan Kozlowski by asking, “What does Trumpery mean?” You won’t want to miss the answer, and you’ll also hear Bryan’s explanations of other curious Dickensian words such as Tintinnabulation, Gormed, Humbug, Swipey, Cag-maggers, and Spanker.

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