Such A Nice Lady

JoAnn Chaney

For the Life Elsewhere Valentine’s Day Special she joined in by answering our three questions about love, almost demurely. She had a quiet reserve that suggested talking about love was a private matter. Certainly, she had thought about the questions, but her answers were not too revealing. Even her choice for a favorite love song gave little away: Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called To Say I Love You may well be the predictable choice for a suburban mother. JoAnn Chaney was a charming guest, a perfect balance to some of our other more verbose guests. Such a nice lady, we said. What You Don’t Know is the title of JoAnn Chaney’s debut novel. The title could not be more perfect because what we did not know when interviewing JoAnn for our Valentine’s Special is that she has written one of the most disturbing books that have come our way in a long, long time. Chaney manages, from page one to create a gripping, terrifying plot with believable characters and uninhibited dialogue. Numerous books have been written about serial killers but JoAnn Chaney takes the reader into places you never thought you would go. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we’ll talk with JoAnn Chaney about how and why she decided to write such a dark novel. And ask is she really such a nice lady?

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