A Story Of Violence & Redemption

Set among the conservative rural working poor of the Blue Ridge Mountains and America’s War on Terror raging in the background, Sarah St. Vincent has chosen an austere backdrop for her debut novel, Ways To Hide In Winter. She deftly uses her experience as a human rights lawyer, working with victims of domestic violence to portray convincing and emotional depth to her characters. Her story unfolds with Kathleen, a survivor of a car crash that left her widowed at twenty-two. She retreats to a remote corner of a state park, where she works flipping burgers for deer hunters and hikers – happy, she insists to be left alone. But, when a stranger appears in the dead of winter, seemingly out of nowhere, Kathleen is intrigued, despite herself. He says he’s a student from Uzbekistan, and his worldliness fills her with curiosity about life beyond the valley. After a cautious friendship settles between them, the stranger confesses to a terrible crime in his own country, and Kathleen finds herself in the grip of a manhunt – and face-to-face with secrets of her own. In our next edition, Sarah St. Vincent talks with Norman B about Ways To Hide In Winter and a topic she knows much about – domestic abuse.

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