Fact or Fiction?

Video game developer releases online game that charges Hollywood tycoon with abducting and murdering actress, hires eccentric lawyer to defend him in libel case!

Music-nerds reinvent The Beatles, Devo, Kraftwek and Depeche Mode with re-tooled Game Boys, Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Commodore 64 and Apple II 8-bit computers!

Malaysian Flight MH17 shot down by Ukrainians, mistaken for Vladimir Putin’s aircraft, Russian Defense Ministry has proof of Ukrainian jets in the vicinity!

Next on Life Elsewhere we separate fact from fiction with Russian blogger, Sergey Armeyskov and ask what do Russians really know about the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17. Entertainment attorney and author Robert Rotstein talks about Parker Stern and his reclusive client known to the world only as “Poniard”. Jeremy Kolosine of 8 Bit Operators explains how music is made with ancient Game Boys. Plus, the latest Hit That Never Was featuring Nigerian-German singer-songwriter Ayo


Life Elsewhere airs every Monday

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