Marvin & Bob & Theresa & Eric & Gary & Ted & Robert

Marvin & Bob

In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere a listener wrote in to ask us to play for the Hit That Never Was, the Marvin Gaye classic, Let’s Get It On remixed and reworked to the rhythm of Bob Marley’s equally classic, Waiting In VainThe phone-lines, the texts and emails flooded in with rapturous applause for what has to be a unique melding of two genres of music. Can there be anything comparable? We’d like to know, send your unique Hit That Never Was suggestion to hitthatneverwas (at) lifeelsewhere (dot) co

The Marvin & Bob mash-up fitted perfectly into a bumper-packed program starting with Theresa Argie, the co-author of America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places.  Theresa told us about some of her favorite haunted places and Norman B recounted his experience with a ghost in Livingstone, Montana. Next we heard from Eric Kaplan, comedy writer and co-producer of The Big Bang Theory who explained to Norman B why his new book is called Does Santa Exist? This was followed by the Hit That Never Wasand a Life Elsewhere exclusive interview with Gary Wright. Best known for his 1976 hit songs Dream Weaver and Love Is Alive and for his role in helping establish the synthesizer as a leading instrument in rock and pop music.Gary has just written a book, aptly titled Dream Weaver with the subtitle, A Memoir; Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison. Finally, we turned our attention to Florida Amendment 2 with our two experts, pro-legalization advocate and attorney, Ted Corless and eco farmer and horticulturist, Robert Tornello. Both guests passionately explained why they believe voting Yes on Amendment 2 is vitally important.

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