Friends For Equality

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“I’m very, very worried!” said talented and enterprising singer/songwriter, Nancy Kells. It was one day after the result of the Presidential election were announced. Her voice almost quavering as she added, “This feels like a bad dream. How is it possible for a misogynist-race-baiting-bullying-con-man be President of the country I love?”  Nancy was expressing the outrage felt by many, especially in the creative community. But, instead of moaning and groaning, Nancy Kells believes in action. So, she enlisted the help and partnership of Fox Food Records’ James Smith and together they curated a magnificent compilation album, coverFriends For Equality, featuring an amazing array of musical artists from across a wide spectrum of styles. With over forty previously unreleased tracks, all the proceeds will go to aid, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU. This is not just a labor of love, it’s serious endeavor to employ creative abilities to benefit organizations Nancy James believe could be threatened by the new administration. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, Nancy Kells and contributing musician Erik Schroeder talk with Norman B about their passion for music, creativity and why they felt compelled to do something with a purpose, prompted by the Election result. 

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