The Language Divide & A Musical Discovery



How do you say,  aluminum? Go on, say it out loud. If you happen to be an American in Great Britain and say əˈlo͞omənəm you will have managed to cause any Brit in hearing range to contort their face into a disdainful grimace. And, more than likely, you’ll hear a WTF-style sigh. You may even receive a comment along the lines of, “How can you mangle alyəˈminēəm?” Of course, if you happen to be a Brit in the US of A, and say, alyəˈminēəm in the company of Yanks, most likely you’ll be looked at as a curio who speaks Old Timey English. As linguist, Lynne Murphy says in her book, The Prodigal Tongue“Will Yanks and Brits ever really understand each other?”  This is the premise Lynne explores in her impeccably researched book. With a generous dollop of humor, the linguistic professor looks at the social, political, and yes, the linguistic forces that have driven American and British English in different directions. With a foot in each culture, Lynne Murphy will explain “How we got our knickers in a twist” on the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

Also in the program, a full, unexpurgated interview with one of Norman B’s new musical discoveries, “Every so often new music comes my way that makes my heart beat differently, CADE did just that!” CADE is the recording project of Toronto based Kaiya Cade who creates ethereal and haunting dream-folk, combining acoustic instruments and synthetic sounds with her bewitching and spellbinding vocals. The musical awareness and critical ear Kaiya has developed has evolved into a passion for film composition. Creating ethereal and haunting sonic landscapes, Kaiya combines synthetic sound with the acoustic instrumentation of piano, guitar, strings, sound bowls, and percussion, and finishes the musical environment with her characteristic vocal overlaying. Her passion, enthusiasm, and enchanting storytelling, along with her exceptional music are required listening.

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